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Things To Consider Before Freezing Your Eggs

Things to Consider Before Freezing Your Eggs

Egg freezing is not just a technique it is a power with the freedom to choose when to start your family.  As women age increases, the complexities during pregnancy also increase. To reduce several risks most women, want to conceive a baby in the future by considering the egg freezing process. Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, includes stimulation of ovaries, retrieving the eggs from ovaries, and preserving them for future use.

There are several reasons for choosing oocyte cryopreservation such as if you want to delay your parenthood because of career goals or education, if the couple is facing health issues, and this technique might help to enhance a cancer patient’s fertility. It is necessary that before considering egg-freezing you should keep a few points in your mind. 

  • Understand the Process

You should consult with your fertility expert and understand every step of egg freezing. The first step is evaluation of your reproductive health. Then, ovarian stimulation produces multiple mature eggs. Next is the retrieval of eggs through the minor surgical process. After that eggs are frozen and stored for future use. Also, keep in mind that a few factors might affect the egg-freezing process.

Choosing the right time for freezing your eggs also plays an important part in making this technique successful for couples. Younger women produce better-quality eggs as compared to older women. You can undergo an egg-freezing technique over the age of 30- 35 years.

This increases the chances of a successful pregnancy in the future as eggs are of better quality. Freezing of more eggs offers more opportunities for successful IVF cycles. Another thing you should consider is the side effects after egg retrieval, some women may experience bloating, headaches, mood swings, spotting, or other side effects.

  • Cost of the Process

Before considering freezing of eggs, you should know the cost of this method. You can also talk to your specialist about the additional charges such as medications, or other costs that may be part of this process. You can also ask about the treatment financial plan and take the help of a financial support group. Make sure that the cost of this technique is clear before undergoing this treatment.   

  • Healthcare Services

You can look into the healthcare services provided at the centre where you are going to the egg-freezing method. Make sure that you get the right facilities at the centre during and post the treatment. Ensure that facilities used in the clinic are advanced and contain all the necessary equipment that are required for egg freezing technique. Several IVF clinics offer egg freezing techniques and you can visit the Best IVF Clinic in Lucknow for better services during this method.

  • Check Success Rates and Reviews

You can check the success rate of the clinic in which you are going for the egg-freezing technique. You can check online reviews of the clinic and patient testimonials for selecting the right clinic before undergoing egg freezing.

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  • Team of Specialists

Make sure that the team of specialists and embryologists is highly experienced and performs the successful egg-freezing technique. You can discuss with your fertility specialist regarding your health condition or if you are facing any issues in conceiving. The fertility specialist will not only guide you but also support you during this period. You can get help from a Fertility Specialist in Lucknow regarding egg freezing to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy in the future.

Other than these factors you should undergo a few fertility assessment tests like hormonal levels, ovarian reserve, uterine health, and overall reproductive health before considering the egg-freezing technique.


As women age increases, the complexities during pregnancy also increase but you can complete your dream of successful pregnancy with egg freezing technique. If you want to delay your pregnancy, facing health issues, or are a cancer survivor can preserve fertility with this method. But before considering the egg freezing technique you should keep these points in mind. Make sure that you understand the whole process of egg freezing technique. The cost of the treatment is also a major factor of egg freezing that you should keep in mind, healthcare services at the clinic which you have chosen for egg freezing technique.

Other factors are the success rate of the clinic, and the review and infertility specialist experts experience who is going to perform your egg-freezing technique. Make sure that you consult with your fertility specialist to increase the success of the egg-freezing technique. Avoid taking medications without consulting and it may create complications in the treatment. Connect with your fertility specialist to discuss your health condition if you are facing any disease before the egg-freezing technique.

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