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Male Infertility Treatments

A man produces sperm that can fertilize an egg and result in pregnancy but in many cases due to male infertility pregnancy failure also takes place. There are many reasons for male infertility such as medical conditions like varicoceles, less sperm production or low motility of sperm, Lifestyle factors like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and medications such as chemotherapy or anabolic steroids.

Male infertility treatments can help in these conditions so that your dream of becoming a parent can come true. Urvara Fertility Centre offers many male infertility treatments in Lucknow. These treatments are provided with proper healthcare facilities as well as doctors and experts provide guidance and support too.  

Male Infertility Treatments You Can Choose

You should understand that the best treatment for male fertility will depend on the specific cause of your infertility and your health too.

TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction) – In this treatment, the sperms are directly retrieved from the testicles. This process is done when ejaculation problems occur in males due to blockages. Whereas Micro TESE is a more specialised type of TESE in this process a microscope is used to identify and retrieve the small pockets of those tissues which produce sperm.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis – In this process the measurement of damaged DNA is done from a sperm sample. There are different types of tests that can be used to measure sperm DNA fragmentation analysis.

Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA) – Men who have obstructive azoospermia are advised for this treatment. In this process, the sperm is retrieved from epididymis.

Sperm Selection – This process is done to select the healthiest and motile sperm which can easily fertilize an egg and result in a pregnancy.

Electroejaculation – In this medical process electrical stimulation is used for inducing the ejaculation. This process is done when men are unable to ejaculate due to spinal cord surgery or any other medical problem.

Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting – This process is basically used to separate cells from surface antigens and can be used to isolate a wide variety of cell types. These selected cells are then passed through a magnetic field and cells which are not bound with nanoparticles are collected by the experts for further processing.

Urvara fertility centre which has best Male Infertility Doctor in Lucknow also provides different types of male infertility processes and treatments such as In Vitro Maturation (IVM), Aneuploidy Screening, Testicular Sperm Aspiration, and more are done depending on the requirement. It is important to go through sperm analysis, physical examination, and hormone tests because, through these tests and analysis, it is easier to determine the cause of male infertility as well as treatment which is required for it.

Why Should You Choose Urvara for Male Fertility Treatment in Lucknow?

There are many reasons which reflect why Urvara Fertility Centre is the best option for you. The experts and specialists team at our centre is highly experienced which makes Urvara Fertility Centre different from other clinics. We use most advanced techniques to provide the best possible care to our patients. Our top male infertility doctor in Lucknow gives support to its patients and personalised treatment plans too. Our team of experts is always there for you to help you during this treatment.

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Dr. Richa Singh

MBBS, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology(RML Delhi) Specialization in Laparoscopy (AIIMS, Delhi) AND IVF & INFERTILITY EXPERT, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR OF URVARA FERTILITY CENTRE

Dr.Mahendra Singh

Director MBBS (GSVM ,Kanpur ) DNB Anesthesia (RML hospital ) Intensivist

Dr. Praveen Panday

Senior Andrologist and urologist Mbbs ,ms ,Mch Urologist Senior consultant at Sahara hospital Lucknow
Dr. Amar Nath

Dr. Amar Nath

Senior Embryologist

Working experience: more than 8 years, performed more than 500 ICSI cycles Independetly

The main causes of male infertility are Infections, inflammatory conditions, pituitary gland problems, hormonal issues, lifestyle factors like excess alcohol, smoking, Genetic diseases, and more.

Male infertility treatments are ICSI, TESE, PESA, Aneuploidy Screening, Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting, and many more.
Semen analysis, Chlamydia test, blood test(through this you can check hormonal level), Ultrasound(to find out ejaculatory duct obstruction) and more are infertility tests for males.
There are several benefits such as personalised healthcare facilities, advanced techniques for treatments, support, and guidance for each patient.
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