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Infertility Counselling

Best Infertility Doctor in Lucknow

There are many infertility centres which give guidance and treatment to infertile couples so that their dream of parenthood can come true. Urvara Fertility Centre is the Best Infertility centre in Lucknow. We provide so many facilities to infertile couples such as personalised treatment plans, proper healthcare services, emergency services, and more.

Urvara Fertility Centre has a record of success in helping infertile couples to conceive babies. We are dedicated to offering proper medical care to every couple and there are many other reasons why you should choose Urvara Fertility Centre for your fertility treatment. One of them is this centre which has the Best Infertility specialist in Lucknow. A dedicated professional in this field gives guidance and information about the treatment to the infertile couple.

Our Centre is committed to using advanced technologies and maintaining clean healthcare in the centre. Not only this, Urvara Fertility Centre also provides many offers to infertile couples to make the treatment affordable too. Discussion about cost and the type of treatment is also planned by the experts of this centre.

Best Infertility Specialist in Lucknow

Lucknow’s Best Infertility Doctor at Our Centre

Every infertile couple looks for the best infertility specialists so that they receive the right and accurate infertility treatment. Urvara Fertility Centre has highly experienced experts who have a proven record of successful treatment and ensure that couples get all facilities during the treatment. On the other hand, we also perfectly guide each infertile couple to make sure that the couple feels comfortable while discussing their medical history or medical problems.

The best infertility specialist in Lucknow is Dr. Richa Singh who is the founder and director of Urvara Fertility Centre. She has 12 years of experience in this field and is considered a top IVF infertility expert. She ensures that every infertile couple perfectly gets fertility treatments and that their dream of parenthood does not remain a dream but comes true as soon as possible.

Urvara Fertility Centre Success Rates

Fertility specialists at our IVF Center give extreme care and develop a treatment plan which is right for a couple and this also improves the success rates of fertility treatment at Urvara Fertility Centre. Urvara Fertility Centre has achieved high IVF success rates because of its commitment to excellence in infertility treatments and due to our best infertility doctor in Lucknow.

Urvara Fertility Centre has achieved high success rates in many infertility treatments. In 2022, this centre has achieved a live birth rate of 65% for women under the age of 35. Many infertile couples can conceive babies with the guidance of this centre and this makes Urvara Fertility Centre as Best Infertility centre in Lucknow.

Each patient needs proper counselling too so that they get an understanding of that fertility treatment. Many counsellors don’t give proper attention and guidance to their patients which also results in the breakdown of their dream to become parents. Parenthood can be experienced by infertile couples if their counsellor properly suggests to them each and everything related to their treatment. Our centre provides the best infertility counselling in Lucknow so that infertile couples can share their opinions about the treatment and what fears they feel which are related to the infertility treatment.

Why Choose Urvara Fertility Centre?

Urvara Fertility Centre follows a set of values and is committed to providing excellence in healthcare. Our centre has the vision to fulfill the dream of every infertile couple and give them knowledge about infertility and its types of treatment in a simple manner. The fertility treatments offered by the Urvara Fertility Centre are affordable infertility treatments in Lucknow and our team also guides from the first consultation to post-delivery of the baby. For each couple who feels any doubt or hesitation about infertility treatments, we try our best to clear them out and break the stigma related to the treatments and infertility.

Any infertile couple can visit Urvara Fertility Centre to get proper treatment which includes advanced techniques and proper healthcare facilities. Our team is always there for you in this tough situation.

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    Dr. Richa Singh

    MBBS, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology(RML Delhi) Specialization in Laparoscopy (AIIMS, Delhi) AND IVF & INFERTILITY EXPERT, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR OF URVARA FERTILITY CENTRE

    Dr.Mahendra Singh

    Director MBBS (GSVM ,Kanpur ) DNB Anesthesia (RML hospital ) Intensivist

    Dr. Praveen Panday

    Senior Andrologist and urologist Mbbs ,ms ,Mch Urologist Senior consultant at Sahara hospital Lucknow
    Dr. Amar Nath

    Dr. Amar Nath

    Senior Embryologist

    PhD, NPDF
    Working experience: more than 8 years, performed more than 500 ICSI cycles Independetly

    Age is the single biggest factor which plays a role in fertility of both men and women. For any infertility treatment, it is important to consider Age. At more than 30 years of age, a woman’s chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby becomes less.
    There are many treatments which an infertile couple chooses. Some of them are Intrauterine insemination (IUI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), Ovulation induction, Genetic testing of embryos (PGT), and more.
    Changes in sex drive and desire, irregular periods, painful periods, Milky breast discharge, and more are the signs of women's infertility. Whereas signs in males are Small or firm testicles, Changes in hair growth, Changes in sexual desire, Problems with erections and ejaculations, etc.
    Guidance, healthcare facilities, Support to each couple, offers on treatments, personalised plans, and many more.

    Male infertility treatments, egg freezing, IVF treatment, ICSI treatment, personalised embryo transfer, fertility treatment, IUI, and many other services.

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