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Urvara Fertility Centre is one of the top most Fertility Hospitals in Lucknow By Times National Health Ranking

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Urvara Fertility Centre is the most famous and the best IVF center in Lucknow. It uses advanced assisted reproductive techniques for treatment. It offers personalized plans, proper healthcare guidance, and more so that every infertile couple gets proper facilities and their journey to parenthood becomes easier.

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In vitro fertilization (IVF)

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Testimonials from Our Patients and Their Families. Stories of IVF Success at Urvara Fertility

Many Infertile couples in Lucknow have fulfilled their parenthood dream with our assisted reproductive techniques (ART) because of the Urvara  – a well-known and the best IVF center in Lucknow. Couples shared their reviews of the hospital services and facilities they have got during the treatment. We have received numerous positive responses through thank-you cards and feedback sheets. 

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Meet Our DOCTOR Dr. Richa Singh

  • Visiting Sr. Consultant Max Hospital, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi
  • Diploma in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology (Germany)
  • Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (Gujarat)
  • Specialization in Laparoscopy (AIIMS, Delhi)
  • Hysteroscopy Training (Dubai)
  • DNB From RML Hospital New Delhi
  • MBBS From GSVM Medical College Kanpur

Dr. Richa Singh is the Best IVF Specialist in Lucknow. Her exceptional expertise and innovative approach to infertility treatment helped many couples to conceive healthy babies. She is a fertility specialist and the medical director of Urvara Fertility Centre in Lucknow. Dr. Richa has 15 years of experience in doing successful fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, PGS, and more.  She gives personalised care to each couple with a proper treatment plan. She is a guide for many couples struggling to conceive. Her compassionate and supportive approach makes her different from other doctors and considered as Best IVF Doctor in Lucknow. 

Dr. Richa Singh – IVF Specialist in Lucknow

Total Experience as a specialist: 15 Years


Dr. Richa Singh practices at her own IVF center named Urvara Fertility Centre which  is very famous and trusted IVF center in Lucknow.  She has won many awards from many famous organizations.  Check out her awards and recognitions here –

  • Awarded  the IVF Excellence Awards 2024 by Voice of Healthcare (VOH).
  • Awarded as best IVF specialist in the north region by National Fertility Awards 2024.
  • Awarded by Dainik Jagran Excellence Award 2023 and 2024.
  • Bhartiya Seva Ratna Award (2023) For Most Promising IVF Specialist.
  • Awarded as top 10 women medical officers 2022 by women entrepreneur magazine.
  •  Awarded for “WOMEN OF THE FUTURE AWARD 2021.
  •  Ayushman India Award for Excellence in the field of healthcare and medical services by Dainik Jagran (2021)
  •  Nominated for Arnold P Foundation Humanism award 2018 by American Society of Reproductive Medicine
  •  Nominated For Prestigious BMJ Awards South Asia (2018)
  •  National Award For “Excellence in Infertility and IVF at Indian Healthcare Professional Awards (2017)
  • International Award For “Best Obstetrics and Gynaecologists in New Delhi, India at International Healthcare Summit & Awards By Worldwide Achievers (2017)
  •  Nominated For “Excellence in Obstetric and Gynaecologists at Indian Healthcare Professional Awards (2017)

Unique features of Urvara Fertility Centre?

Our experienced team of infertility specialists who have treated infertile couples from around the globe. Services of our advanced fertility center go beyond the treatment plan and give satisfaction to patients. Urvara Fertility Centre distinguishes itself through its commitment to achieving successful outcomes for patients and its dedication to excel in every infertility treatment with advanced assisted reproductive technology procedure (ART Procedures)

  • With a proven track record of success in india and abroad, patients achieve their dream of parenthood.
  • Internationally trained Infertility specialists
  • Honored national and internal awards
  • Our clinic has a remarkable success rate of up to 70%.
  • We specialize in fertility treatments and use patients’ eggs and sperm.
Dr. Richa Singh taking National Fertility Award

Why Urvara is Different Our power is Our Ability to Succeed

Urvara Fertility Centre is the Best IVF Centre in Lucknow. Our centre provides the best services and treatments to infertile couples through advanced technologies. Experts give their best for each infertile couple so that they can feel the happiness of being a parent.

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    World Class Lab
    Best labs and facilities at IVF Centre ensure successful infertility treatments.
  • Internationally Trained Team
    Urvara Fertility Centre has a team of experts who are highly qualified and expertise in this field.
  • High Success Rate
    Personalised treatment plans for each couple by the specialists increase IVF success rates.
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Why Urvara is the Best IVF Centre in Lucknow?

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Any questions? We can help!

Many couples are struggling to conceive a baby and to help them, there are many infertility treatments. Through IVF treatment couples can achieve their dream of parenthood. IVF is basically a complex procedure that includes a few steps such as Ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval then fertilization of sperm and egg, and after embryo formation, it is transferred to the uterus for implantation and further development.

It is important that couples choose the best IVF clinic for this treatment. This will not only increase the chance of treatment success but the couple will also get a proper treatment plan. Urvara Fertility Centre is one of the Best IVF Centre in Lucknow and we provide many facilities to infertile couples like personalised treatment plans, advanced techniques, and proper healthcare staff.

IVF Benefits for Infertile Couples at Urvara Fertility Centre

Urvara Fertility Centre is committed to providing the best quality services to its patients with personalised treatment plans. The experts and specialists are highly experienced in this field. Our services are provided at an affordable cost to infertile couples in order to make their journey of parenthood better. Dr. Richa Singh is best infertility specialist in Lucknow and Founder & Director of Urvara Fertility Centre. She gives patients full details about fertility treatment in a proper way. She has 15 years of experience and won many prestigious awards and recognitions too.

Doctors at our centre have a deep understanding of the latest technologies. We provide a particular plan to each couple and give them information about it. Not only this, experts of this centre provide support to each couple so that they don't feel stress or hesitation while discussing their medical history.

Urvara Fertility Centre is committed to providing safe and ethical treatment to its patients. We also provide a variety of payment options and a transparent treatment process which is easy to understand for infertile couples too. Many couples seek affordable or low-cost IVF treatment centres and Urvara Fertility Centre offers low-cost IVF treatment centre in Lucknow. This reduces the financial burden of infertile couples too. From first consultation to post-pregnancy care, the we provides the best healthcare facilities. Our centre follows proper hygiene protocols to protect patients from any infection.

Urvara Fertility Centre has the Best IVF Doctors in Lucknow who are committed to provide excellence in healthcare. Choosing Urvara Fertility Centre will make a big difference in your chances of IVF treatment success rate.

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frequently asked questions about IVF TREATEMENT

IVF FAQs: Short answers to common questions

Couples Hugging Each Other

** FAQ adapted from the Urvara Fertility Centre Team.

This procedure is considered safe and painless. But, minor pain due to injections can be faced during the IVF process.

From ovarian stimulation to the embryo transfer process it takes around 4 to 6 weeks. The number of days may vary according to the treatment plan. 

The IVF process involves a few steps. Firstly, Ovarian stimulation then Egg retrieval after this Fertilization of sperm and egg. Later on, fertilized eggs are cultured in a laboratory and at last embryo transfer to the uterus.

No specific age barrier can affect the IVF treatment but if the age of couple is more than 30 then the success rates of IVF may decrease.

You can connect with us on +91 8090481533 or give a request for consultation through our Urvara IVF Centre website. Our team is always there for you.

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