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What is a EmbryoGlue?

EmbryoGlue is a specialized embryo transfer medium used in assisted reproductive technologies (ART), particularly in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer procedures. It is designed to enhance the chances of successful embryo implantation in the woman’s uterus.

EmbryoGlue contains a combination of substances, including hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid), which is naturally present in the female reproductive tract and plays a role in embryo development and implantation. The presence of hyaluronan in EmbryoGlue is believed to create an environment that promotes better embryo-uterine interaction, facilitating the embryo’s attachment to the uterine lining.


The benefits of using EmbryoGlue during embryo transfer include:

  1. Increased Embryo-Endometrial Interaction: The hyaluronan in EmbryoGlue helps the embryo bind more effectively to the receptive endometrium (uterine lining), potentially improving the chances of successful implantation.

  2. Enhanced Embryo Development: Studies suggest that the use of EmbryoGlue may promote better embryo development and survival during the critical stages of implantation.

  3. Reduced Embryo Dislocation: EmbryoGlue’s sticky properties are thought to reduce the risk of embryo dislocation after transfer, providing a more secure environment for the embryo.

  4. Simplified Transfer Process: The viscosity of EmbryoGlue makes it easier for the embryologist to load the embryo into the transfer catheter and ensures accurate placement during the embryo transfer procedure.

It is important to note that while EmbryoGlue has shown promising results in some studies, its use is not always necessary or suitable for every IVF patient. The decision to use EmbryoGlue is typically made based on the patient’s specific medical history and the recommendations of the fertility specialist. As with any aspect of fertility treatment, the ultimate goal is to maximize the chances of successful implantation and pregnancy while ensuring the safety and well-being of both the mother and the embryo.

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Dr. Richa Singh

MBBS, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology(RML Delhi) Specialization in Laparoscopy (AIIMS, Delhi) AND IVF & INFERTILITY EXPERT, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR OF URVARA FERTILITY CENTRE

Dr.Mahendra Singh

Director MBBS (GSVM ,Kanpur ) DNB Anesthesia (RML hospital ) Intensivist

Dr. Praveen Panday

Senior Andrologist and urologist Mbbs ,ms ,Mch Urologist Senior consultant at Sahara hospital Lucknow
Dr. Amar Nath

Dr. Amar Nath

Senior Embryologist

Working experience: more than 8 years, performed more than 500 ICSI cycles Independetly

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