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International Patients Services

Urvara Fertility Centre offers special services for International Patients. Dr. Richa Singh of “Urvara Fertility Centre” is an expert IVF specialist who has treated numerous patients from different countries such as America, London, Germany, Dubai, Ethiopia Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Bangladesh, and many more. She is committed to providing world-class hospitality and comprehensive care to all her international patients.

“Urvara Fertility Centre” provides high quality and technologically advanced fertility treatment options for all our international patients. Some of our infertility treatments include IVF, IMSI, IUI, Egg and Embryo Donation and Preimplantation Genetic Screening. Other than offering the best possible medical care,”Urvara Fertility Centre” also offers unique support services that can be of immense help for our international patients.

Steps for International Patients

  • Send in your inquiry through our website or request a call back through our website.
  • Our team members will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours via email, WhatsApp, Skype, Online Video Chat, or Phone as per your request.
  • After our team reaches out, kindly send your duly filled inquiry form along with all the necessary details such as medical reports (ultrasound scans, pathological reports/images, x-rays) attached.
  • On receiving the inquiry form with all the necessary details, our team will send you a complete outline of the surgical and recuperation period for your selected treatment/service. They will also send you the comprehensive treatment cost, treatment letter, and a travel plan.
  • Once you have decided in favour of the treatment, you need to plan and organize your trip to India.
  • Along with your confirmation, you need to provide us with the exact travel information so we can share the detailed instructions of the patient’s treatment and travel itinerary.
  • On your arrival to India, you will be provided an assistant who will be available to you throughout your treatment process in India.
  • Our assistant will pick you from the airport and guide you about transportation within the city.
  • Our assistant will also help you with the Foreigner Regional Registration Offices that will regulate your registration, movement, stay, and departure from India.
  • Our assistant after fulfilling all the necessary formalities will then welcome you to the Urvara Fertility Centre.
  • Once you’re at the hospital, our medical team will conduct an in-person diagnosis and check for any possible complications. After the necessary check-ups are performed, Dr. Richa, our infertility expert will perform the treatment, procedures and do a final check.
  • Our team along with your assigned assistant will ensure that your travel and meals are arranged on time.
  • After the procedures are performed, the patient must rest and recover for the required period as suggested by the doctor.
  • After recovery, the doctor will do a follow-up consultation to ensure everything is as per the desired treatment plan.
    • Once all the necessary formalities and check-ups are done, you will be transferred to the airport.
    • Once you reach your home country, our team members will be consistently in touch with you and answer any questions that you may have.
    • Online consultations via phone call or video call with the doctor can also be arranged if needed.


According to Dr. Richa International Patients Services in Lucknow, the duties of a Hospital Patient Services Representative are very similar to customer service, but in a medical setting as a front desk agent, written and verbal correspondence, payment collection, the maintenance of patient charts, scheduling, and ensuring that patients are satisfied with their visit.

According to Dr. Richa International Patients Services in Lucknow, about taking necessary vitamin supplements and other medications. Don't smoke. Avoid alcohol or at least try to keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. Avoid taking any stress and meditate regularly to stay positive from beginning to end.

According to Dr. Richa International Patients Services in Lucknow Fresh fruits and vegetables are always good for you, but consider the following products after IVF: Bananas, sugar beets, Jamun.

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Suneel Verma
Suneel Verma
All clinical staffs are Good.Dr.Richa singh is so genius Doctor in urvava fertility centre.All staff are very cooperative and very smooth services.I am very satisfied from urvava.Thanks urvara.
aditya mishra
aditya mishra
Very good treatment
Dinesh Singh
Dinesh Singh
All staff are good.Very nice facilities.neat and clean centre.
Reetu Singh
Reetu Singh
All things are very good and very copretive.
harjeet sandhu
harjeet sandhu
Best ivf centre in lko dr richa ma’am is so experienced and polite good environment…. great experience
sana khan
sana khan
Dr Richa singh ma'am is the best fertility expert in Lucknow. They provide high quality treatment at a very affordable cost . Wonderful ambience well trained staff such a wonderful experience 👍
Janvi Kapoor
Janvi Kapoor
Thank you dr richa for your treatment and support ! I spent lot of money at other centres but was not satisfied but here I m fully satisfied as doctor richa is completely focused on treatment part and she is really excellent and not at all money minded ! Best part is they regularly share their patients results and don't keep patients in dark ! She supported us as a lot In terms of money ! I will recommend urvara fertility centre for everyone who is looking for a good quality treatment.