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Frozen Embryo Transfer

What is Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Frozen embryo transfer is a technique in which frozen embryos are used for embryo transfer. Embryos are created through IVF technique and frozen. This technique is done in the Urvara Fertility Center by the best specialists and doctors. Specialists at our centre are highly experienced and use their knowledge and advanced techniques for a successful process. 

Steps of Frozen Embryo Transfer Technique

The frozen embryo transfer cycle involves transferring the frozen embryo (from the previous IVF cycle) for the implantation of an embryo in the uterus. During IVF, the ovaries of women are stimulated by medications and hormonal injections to produce multiple eggs and then they are fertilized with sperm in a specific lab for embryo formation. After fertilisation, the embryo is not transferred to the uterus but is frozen. Also if there are multiple embryos which are of high quality then the embryo is stored by the embryologists by method of cryopreservation. In this process, the embryo which is frozen is transferred to the uterus after preparing the endometrial lining.  

These embryos are placed in liquid nitrogen and at very low temperatures to extend their life cycle. Later on, when there is a need for embryo transfer the uterus is prepared for this transfer in a specific manner which includes medications and hormonal injections, and once endometrial lining is prepared then embryo transfer is done. After embryo transfer the pregnancy test is performed by doctors to check whether a woman is pregnant or not. Urvara Fertility Centre has the best specialists who make this process simpler and help out infertile couples during the whole treatment.  

Frozen Embryo Transfer in Lucknow

Facilities Our Centre Offers During Frozen Embryo Transfer

Every IVF Centre has some specialities and there may be a few negative aspects but the best IVF Centre, Urvara Fertility Centre offers the best IVF treatment in Lucknow. During frozen embryo transfer Urvara Fertility Centre keeps multiple things in mind for the success of this procedure. Not only this, our team has highly experienced specialists and doctors who perform this process in a perfect manner. 

After the frozen embryo transfer technique, we also keep a close look at the development of the embryo by regular checkup and ultrasound. On the other hand, we also provide a proper diet plan after the embryo transfer for the better development of the embryo. Frozen embryo requires proper temperature and specific labs for extended life and our centre have the best laboratory for this process so that embryo get the right conditions for their increase in life span and can be used for future process. 

Success Rate of Frozen Embryo Transfer

The success rate of frozen embryo transfer is 60 -70% and it depends on many factors such as the body temperature of women, women’s age, health of women’s body weight, and more. Few embryos might not survive due to these factors. Our centre makes sure that all these factors are favourable for the frozen embryo transfer technique. The success rate also depends on the way the frozen embryo transfer procedure is performed by the doctors during the IVF treatment. Urvara Fertility Centre takes a close look at the whole process and specialists keep track during this process for an increment in success rate. Urvara Fertility Centre has the best facilities and top doctors who are specialised in each specific field of infertility and that’s why we have higher success rates than other infertility clinics. 

Why you must connect with Urvara Fertility Centre? 

Urvara Fertility Centre has the best facilities and highly experienced infertility specialists in Lucknow who guide and support infertile couples during the journey of IVF treatment. As IVF treatment includes the frozen embryo transfer process our centre has the ability to figure out how to succeed in this step. From personalised plan to advanced techniques our centre make sure that every step must be accurate and have a high success rate.  

Any infertile couple who is dealing with infertility issues or facing lots of trouble during the IVF treatment mainly in the frozen embryo transfer process can connect with us without any hesitation. Our team provides the right consultation and services to them.  

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Dr. Richa Singh

MBBS, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology(RML Delhi) Specialization in Laparoscopy (AIIMS, Delhi) AND IVF & INFERTILITY EXPERT, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR OF URVARA FERTILITY CENTRE

Dr.Mahendra Singh

Director MBBS (GSVM ,Kanpur ) DNB Anesthesia (RML hospital ) Intensivist

Dr. Praveen Panday

Senior Andrologist and urologist Mbbs ,ms ,Mch Urologist Senior consultant at Sahara hospital Lucknow
Dr. Amar Nath

Dr. Amar Nath

Senior Embryologist

Working experience: more than 8 years, performed more than 500 ICSI cycles Independetly

The frozen embryo transfer process is a part of the IVF technique in which an embryo that was frozen up from the previous IVF cycle is used in the future for embryo implantation in the uterus.

According to a few researches, Frozen Embryo transfers are more likely to result in better live births than the fresh embryo transfer process. 

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, multiple pregnancy risk, and more may be reduced due to the frozen embryo transfer process. 

Urvara Fertility Center is considered best for the frozen embryo transfer process because they have the best facilities, advanced technologies, and top fertility specialists. 

This is not necessary that all frozen embryo results in a healthier baby but there is a higher chance of conceiving a healthy baby because it is a safe option. 

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