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How To Prepare Yourself For Successful IVF Treatment?

How to Prepare Yourself For Successful IVF Treatment?

In Vitro Fertilisation is a type of assisted reproductive technology. In this process, sperm is fertilised with the egg under defined conditions in the lab and after the formation of the embryo the embryo is transferred to the uterus, and then implantation of embryo is done in the uterus for further growth. The success rate of IVF treatments includes many factors such as age, lifestyle, sperm motility, Embryo Quality, uterine health, and more.  

Infertile couples must prepare themselves before IVF Treatment to increase the success rate of IVF Treatment. Urvara Fertility Centre is the Best Infertility centre in Lucknow which gives guidance to couples on how they can prepare themselves beforehand for IVF Treatment. Doctors and experts in this centre give personalised treatment plans too.

Preparation for a Successful IVF Journey

Before undergoing IVF treatment, it is important to prepare whether it is physical or emotional. Adequate preparation can help infertile couples to improve the overall experience of IVF treatment and its success rate. We are here to discuss a few tips for preparation before IVF treatment.  

Physical Health

Good Physical health is important for successful IVF treatment. You have to discuss with your doctor how you can improve your diet before IVF treatment. Medical issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and Thyroid problems can negatively impact your fertility treatment. You have to discuss all your medical history and conditions with your doctor before your treatment. Including this, you have to ensure that your body is hormonally balanced to enhance the process.


A healthy lifestyle increases the success rate of IVF treatment. Lifestyle changes can enhance overall health and contribute to a more favourable IVF outcome. A bad lifestyle may also lead to complications during pregnancy. Regular exercise, sleep schedule, proper diet, and managing stress are essential parts of a better lifestyle. A healthy weight and nutritious diet positively impact IVF treatment.


Reduce Your Stress

Stress can increase the risk of miscarriage. It also disrupts the hormones that are involved in pregnancy. Due to stress, it becomes more difficult for the embryo to implant in the uterus. Not only this, but stress can also hurt mental and emotional health. Many infertile couples who undergo IVF treatment are already under a lot of stress, so it is important to find healthy ways to manage stress. For managing stress, you can talk with your friends, family members, and other couples who are going through IVF can be very helpful. Talk about your feelings and concerns with them because it will reduce your stress too. You can also do yoga or meditation as it also helps in reducing stress.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption affects fertility in both men and women. Smoking decreases sperm motility and its quality. In females, egg quality also gets affected due to smoking and drinking alcohol. Not only this, but smoking also reduces blood flow to the uterus, potentially affecting the uterus which is needed for embryo implantation. A healthy uterine lining is important for the fertility process. To achieve a successful pregnancy through IVF you must not do smoking and have to avoid alcohol.

Medical Advice

Taking Medical advice before IVF treatment is really important for any infertile couple. It can help you to understand the infertility cause and the treatment details. Through medical advice from infertility specialists, you can understand the risks and benefits of IVF treatment. This will help you get a proper treatment plan too.       

The best IVF Specialist in Lucknow of our centre provides proper medical advice to infertile couples to make them aware of the treatment and make them well-informed about every aspect of the IVF treatment in a simple manner. During medical advice, you can easily talk and discuss the medical conditions or issues you have already faced or facing related to your fertility. Consulting with your fertility specialist before IVF treatment makes your journey toward parenthood smoother.

Every infertile couple must follow these tips to prepare themselves before the IVF Treatment. This kind of preparation can improve your chances of IVF success. IVF success rates can vary widely based on individual circumstances so you must prepare yourself before this treatment to achieve success in IVF Treatment.

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