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How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally for Pregnancy

How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally for Pregnancy

Sperm count depends on many points whether it is your sleep schedule or your diet plan. In any couple, a male who has an accurate sperm count is more likely to conceive a baby than a male who doesn’t have more sperm count which is needed for conceiving a baby naturally. It is necessary that a single ejaculation from a male sperm contains at least 15 million sperm per milliliter. If there is less sperm in an ejaculation then it will be difficult for a woman to get pregnant naturally. 

In this condition, only a few sperm are there to fertilize the egg and it will increase the chances of failure of fertilisation. There are many factors which are responsible for male infertility such as sperm motility, sperm abnormality, and more. There are various male infertility treatments in Lucknow and Urvara Fertility Centre provides advanced treatments to the patients in the right manner so that they can conceive a baby. Here we will tell you how to increase sperm count naturally for pregnancy. 

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol 

Men who smoke every single day and do not limit their smoking habits have low sperm counts in comparison to other men who don’t smoke regularly. On the other hand, the consumption of alcohol also leads to impotence and decreases the semen quality. Drinking alcohol reduces testosterone levels too in males. Not only this, according to various research it is found that there is a link between drug usage and sperm. Excessive intake of any sort of drugs may affect the quality of sperm and its count too. It is essential to limit or avoid the intake of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol as soon as possible otherwise it may affect your fertility.  

Men who engage in daily smoking and fail to moderate their tobacco consumption often experience reduced sperm counts when compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Additionally, alcohol consumption has been linked to impotence and a decline in semen quality. Consuming alcohol can also lead to a decrease in testosterone levels among males. Furthermore, various research studies have highlighted a correlation between drug use and sperm quality. The excessive use of any type of drugs can adversely impact both the quality and quantity of sperm.

It is of paramount importance to either limit or completely eliminate the intake of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol as soon as possible, as these substances have the potential to significantly affect male fertility.

Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

It is essential to follow a healthy diet to increase sperm count naturally. You have to eat antioxidant-rich food items as well as estrogen-rich foods such as soybeans, sesame seeds, garlic, and more. This will increase your sperm count and improve quality too. On the other hand, you have to make sure to add folate, omega-3, and zinc food items in your meals to increase the concentration of sperm count in the body. You can also add Ashwagandha to your diet to improve sperm count. Vitamin D and calcium also play an important role in maintaining proper sperm count and you have to make sure that you fulfill these requirements too. 

In addition to these dietary choices, make sure to include foods that are high in folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc, as they have been associated with raising sperm concentration within the body. The inclusion of Ashwagandha in your diet can also play a significant role in improving sperm count. Don’t overlook the importance of vitamin D and calcium, as they are vital for maintaining proper sperm count levels. Ensuring that these nutritional requirements are met is essential.

You can also consult with your doctor for a personalized diet plan to increase sperm count. A decrease in sperm count eventually leads to infertility and in that case, you have to consult with an infertility doctor. Urvara Fertility Centre has the Best infertility doctor in Lucknow who makes sure that your dream of parenthood comes true by resolving your infertility issues. In addition to this, you have to do exercise regularly which will maintain your body weight and positively affect your body too. 

Seeking guidance from a healthcare professional to create a tailored diet plan aimed at increasing sperm count is highly advisable. A decrease in sperm count can be a precursor to infertility, and when faced with such a situation, consulting with a specialist in infertility is a prudent step to take. Urvara Fertility Centre, renowned for the top infertility doctors in Lucknow, is dedicated to ensuring that your journey to parenthood becomes a reality by addressing and resolving any underlying infertility issues you may be experiencing.

Fix Your Sleep Schedule 

By fixing your sleep schedule you can improve the sperm count too. You have to ensure that your sleeping pattern does not get disturbed because of work or any other stress. It will affect the sperm quality in a negative aspect. You have to make sure that you limit the exposure to toxic chemicals or radiation that are present in the surroundings. 

Regulating your sleep schedule can also have a positive impact on improving sperm count. Maintaining a consistent and uninterrupted sleep pattern is crucial to safeguard against disruptions caused by work-related stress or other factors. Such disturbances can exert a detrimental effect on sperm quality, potentially hindering fertility prospects.

Avoid Eating Unhealthy Fat 

If you are consuming food that has more trans fatty acids then it will decrease sperm count too. Make sure that you eat healthy fat while consuming your meal because it will negatively impact sperm quality too and if we discuss about intake of fenugreek seeds then it will not only improve your sperm count but also improve semen quality. 

The consumption of foods high in trans fatty acids can lead to a decrease in sperm count. It’s important to prioritize a diet rich in healthy fats when planning your meals, as an unhealthy fat intake can have an adverse effect on sperm quality. Additionally, when considering the incorporation of fenugreek seeds into your diet, you’ll find that they not only contribute to an increase in sperm count but also play a role in enhancing the quality of semen.

Make sure that you do not wear tight underpants every day because it can disrupt sperm production. The scrotum needs a temperature lower than your body temperature so you should limit the exposure of your scrotum to warm objects such as keeping your laptop on your lap while working, as it may affect sperm production or its quality. 

Also, if you are taking any medications without consulting a doctor then make sure to discuss with the doctor about your medical condition and try to understand how it will affect your sperm quality or mobility. Consulting with doctor will not only help you out with your medications but a doctor will guide you accordingly.

Adopting a better lifestyle will help in promoting fertility by increasing your sperm count and improving your chances of conceiving. Whereas avoiding these healthy habits may lead to infertility. 

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