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What is IVF Treatment? Is it safe to do IVF?

What is IVF treatment? Is it safe to do IVF?

Every person wants to feel the joy of being a parent, but this can also be challenging for couples who are struggling to conceive due to some reasons. Couples who can’t conceive can choose In Vitro Fertilization treatment. IVF is the type of Assisted reproductive technology in which fertilization of an egg with sperm in a specific lab under accurate temperature. It is a complex procedure in which experts, doctors, embryologists, and specialists work together so that infertile couples can conceive a baby. 

Know All About IVF Treatment

IVF treatment includes steps, and this process takes place a few weeks too for the completion. IVF process is used to treat a variety of fertility problems like endometriosis, ovulation disorders, low AMH, small size uterus, decrease in sperm motility or quality, and more. The type of IVF process depends on the infertility cause too so let’s discuss the steps of the IVF procedure.

The first step is Ovarian stimulation, In this step, fertility medications and injections are advised by doctors to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Then, from the female body eggs are retrieved and sperm are collected from the male fertilisation of sperm and egg is done under specific conditions in the laboratory. After the embryo formation, an embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the woman.

After two weeks of the embryo transfer step, a pregnancy test is performed to find out whether a woman is successfully pregnant or not. Many IVF centres in India offer this treatment but few have higher success rates. Urvara Fertility Centre is considered the Best IVF Centre in Lucknow. It provides the best facilities to infertile couples and offers guidance and support too.

Risks of IVF treatment

According to many researchers, IVF is a safe process to treat infertility, but there are some risks and side effects too which are related to it. Infertile couples are aware of the risks and their side effects. OHSS which is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome is one of the risks that can occur during IVF. OHSS is a condition in which ovaries become overstimulated and produce too many eggs and this can cause abdominal bloating, shortness of breath, and nausea.

Multiple Pregnancies are also a risk associated with the IVF Process. Premature birth of a baby, low birth weight, and birth defects can also take place. Another risk is an ectopic pregnancy which means a pregnancy that occurs outside of the uterus. The risk of miscarriage and birth defects in babies can also take place. That’s why infertile couples must look into the risks before choosing IVF treatment.


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IVF is a safer process, and it is important for infertile couples that they must choose a qualified infertile doctor and take steps to minimise the risks. If you are considering the IVF process, it is important to talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits too. Experts and doctors give proper guidance about it.

This treatment is expensive because it depends on clinic location, clinic reputation, or additional charges. The average cost of a single cycle of IVF in India is from ₹ 1,20,000 to ₹ 2,00,000 which varies according to the clinic and hospital facilities too. This treatment also builds physical and emotional stress in couples, hormonal injections, and multiple failed attempts are also disadvantages of this treatment.

On the other hand, there are many benefits of the IVF process too such as this treatment having the highest success rates of any assisted reproductive technology and it is used to treat many fertility problems. This treatment allows women or men to choose when they want to get pregnant. Not only this, the main benefit is for couples who are struggling to conceive a baby.

Which factors affect the IVF Treatment?

Many factors may affect IVF Treatment such as Age, infertility cause, Motility of sperm, Egg quality, Endometrial receptivity, lifestyle, smoking, alcohol intake, and more. If we discuss the age of infertile couples, then women under the age of 35 have the highest success rates with the IVF process. It is important that male and females both not have age more than 35. As per the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, the success rate of IVF in India ranges from 30% to 35% per cycle for women under 35, with success rates decreasing as women age and for women more than the age of 40, the success rate drops to around 10%.

IVF procedure which is advised by experts or specialists to the infertile couple must be related to the underlying cause of infertility. On the other hand, Smoking, and excessive alcohol drinking can also reduce the chances of success with IVF treatment. In men, smoking can damage sperm quality and motility. In women, smoking can reduce the number of eggs available and damage the DNA of the eggs.

Couples who have struggled with infertility must consider an IVF Centre which has proper healthcare facilities and the best fertility specialists. Urvara Fertility Centre has the best infertility doctor in Lucknow who provides a personalised treatment plan to infertile couples and perfectly guides them.

For any infertile couple, it is suggested that they consider every aspect of IVF treatment and discuss each detail of treatment with their doctor or specialist and then make an informed decision. This will make their parenthood journey much easier.       

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