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IVF Failure Reasons: Tips for IVF Success

IVF Failure Reasons

IVF has helped many couples in conceiving a child but facing an IVF (In vitro fertilization) failure can be heartbreaking and challenging for infertile couples. Understanding the reason behind IVF failures and involving proven tips for success is an essential part of this parenthood. Here we are going to tell you about the reasons behind IVF failure and proven tips for its success.                               

What Are The Reasons For IVF Failure?

There are various reasons which can lead to multiple IVF failures. Reasons include the poor quality of the embryo, autoimmune disease, advanced age of the couple, quality and quantity of eggs, sperm motility and morphology, unhealthy lifestyle, uterus acceptability with embryo and chromosomal issues, uterus unacceptability with embryo, and many more.

Quality of the Embryo

Poor embryo quality causes failure during implantation or early miscarriage. It is one of the crucial aspects which affect the in vitro fertilization process. It also decreases the chances of successful pregnancy.

Chromosomal Abnormalities

Chromosomal abnormalities are one of the factors which can lead to failure during implantation. The presence of chromosomal abnormalities can cause issues in the development of healthy embryos. Women in their mid or late 30s when they get pregnant may have higher chances of developing chromosomal issues.


Your lifestyle habits also affect the IVF procedure. The best IVF specialists in India advise you to follow a healthy lifestyle because it decreases the chances of IVF failure. Unhealthy habits such as delayed marriages, sleep, smoking, drinking alcohol, or avoiding nutrition, stress, and sleep schedule may increase the chances of miscarriages.

Age of a Couple

The age of a couple is also related to egg and sperm quality. The success rates of IVF decrease if the age of women is more than 35 years because egg quality may impact the IVF procedure. Sperm quality may also negatively impact the IVF process. That’s why sperm analysis is preferred by many male fertility specialists to improve the chances of IVF procedures.

Also, Uterine abnormalities like septum, polyp, unicornuate, or bicornuate uterus may impact the implantation of the embryo which can decrease the chances of IVF.

Autoimmune Disorders

Our immune system protects the body from threats, but autoimmune disorders can create problems during embryo implantation because autoimmune responses can mistakenly attack the embryo tissues.

What Are The Proven Tips For A Successful IVF Process?

Apart from the reasons that are responsible for IVF failure, we are here to inform you about proven tips for a successful IVF process.

Pre-evaluation of IVF is Necessary.

As a woman’s age increases, her potential to conceive a baby decreases. So, it is essential to undergo a pre-evaluation IVF process. It helps in identifying and assessing uterine health, sperm and egg quality, and other factors related to your body for the IVF process.

Determining the cause behind IVF Failure

If you have faced or failed in vitro fertilization cycle then you can undergo another cycle. Whereas if you have faced 2 failed IVF cycles, then doctors determine the cause behind that failure. After 3 failed IVF cycles, Preimplantation genetic testing is done to find out the chromosomal abnormalities that may cause embryos to be rejected after implantation or several other tests which the best IVF specialist can guide you.

Follow Healthy Lifestyle

A couple must follow a healthy lifestyle which must include a balanced diet, and avoid consuming alcohol or smoking. Intaking the right supplements and medications helps increase the success rates of the IVF process. On the other hand, it is important to take care of your body weight because it also affects the pregnancy. Being underweight or overweight may lead to disruption while conceiving a baby.

Stress Management

You should manage your stress with the help of stress management activities such as yoga, meditation, and light exercises. Including stress management in your lifestyle improves the chances of successful pregnancy.

Other Treatments After Multiple IVF Failure

The best IVF Centre in India offers various treatments after multiple failed IVF processes such as ERA, PGS, ICSI, etc. Frozen embryo transfer is a process in which extra healthy embryos are freezed up from the previous IVF cycle which can be used for later procedures. Another treatment is ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection); it means sperm is directly injected into the egg for fertilization and has a better chance of successful fertilization over IVF.

This process is beneficial in male infertility cases. Surrogacy is also a way through which parents can conceive a baby. It is advised by a doctor if a woman is incapable of carrying a child due to poor uterine acceptability absence of uterus or any previous 3 lacs cases or medical issues where pregnancy is contraindicated. Depending on the cause of infertility, the doctor advises surrogacy to the couple.

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In vitro fertilization includes some complications and risks, so it is essential to consider the best IVF doctor to increase the chances of successful IVF treatment. An infertile couple should understand the reasons behind IVF failure and tips for a successful IVF process.

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