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Best Fertility Boosting Foods to Get Pregnant Faster

Best Fertility Boosting Foods to Get Pregnant Faster

Couples who don’t adhere to a healthy lifestyle may face challenges in conceiving a healthy baby, as a well-rounded and balanced diet plays a crucial role in providing essential nutrients required for optimal fetal development. Maintaining a balanced diet is vital to ensure the healthy growth of your baby.

Infertility depends on many factors and one of them is not opting for a healthy lifestyle. 

There are a few best fertility food items that may boost your pregnancy but intake of these food items may also impact in a negative aspect. Here we are going to tell you which fertility-boosting foods you can take to get pregnant faster.  

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain large amounts of Vitamin C and eating citrus fruit may boost your pregnancy in a better way. Other than Vitamin C citrus fruits also contain potassium, calcium, and folate which can help in boosting fertility and it also regulates ovulation by creating a proper environment for the egg. Citrus fruits are grapes, oranges, lemons, and more. 

These fruits are recommended by doctors and specialists for increasing fertility. Infertile couples are suggested to increase the consumption of citrus fruits for better development of babies and increasing fertility. Many infertile couples select top IVF centers for accurate treatment. Urvara Fertility Centre is considered as the best IVF centre in India which provides proper treatment with advanced techniques used by highly experienced doctors.


Eating berries is considered very good for health. It is a good source of nutrients for both men and women who want to conceive a baby. Berries such as raspberries or blueberries are known for their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and they are also a good source of Vitamin C and folate. Not only this, women who have more body weight can eat berries to decrease their body weight and it will eventually be beneficial for them while conceiving a baby. Berries are suggested by doctors for the good development of a fetus. 


It is an amazing source of protein, zinc, and folate. It is a whole grain that carb free and provides prenatal protection to the body. Maintaining healthy fetal growth and development plays a crucial role. The protein which is present in Quinoa increases the chances of natural fertilisation. On the other hand, it also maintains the blood sugar level in your body and menstrual cycle. 


Avocados are rich in folate, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and more nutrients. It maintains hormonal balance in the body and due to the high concentration of Vitamin E fertility also increases in the body. According to a few specialists, Avocados also balance hormones in the female body if they are facing PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Disease). 

Green Veggies 

Many green vegetables are helpful for increasing fertility such as Spinach, romaine, kale, and more as they contain folate which is required for the production of new DNA. In addition, green veggies protect babies from birth defects that may be related to the brain or spine and help in the better development of a baby. Eating a bowl of green vegetables increases the capacity to conceive a baby and boost fertility. 

Lentils or Beans

If you are someone who is trying to conceive a baby faster then you can improve your ovulation by eating lentils or beans because it have high protein and fiber quantity which reduce the risk of infertility in females. Chickpeas, kidney beans, and baked beans are good sources of protein and fiber. On the other hand, it is also responsible for the growth of the embryo as it contains Iron, calcium, and zinc. 


Yogurt may boost your fertility as it contains full-fat dairy which improves infertility issues too. It also contain calcium and  Vitamin D which help in maturing egg and maintaining a healthy immune system in your body. Yogurt also has protein which helps in increasing fertility and increases the chances of successful pregnancy. 


Walnuts contain omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids which help in the formation of sperm. It also reduces neurologic problems and decreases the cramps in a female during their pregnancy. But excess amount of walnuts may harm your body so it is essential to consult your doctor before the consumption of Walnuts. 

Salmon and Eggs 

Salmon contains omega 3 which is necessary for the development of the fetal brain and eye. Other than salmon, other fishes contain high amounts of mercury which can induce birth defects in your baby. Whereas salmon contain DHA which is important for the growth of embryos. On the other hand, eggs improve the follicle quality and have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals which are essential for fetus development and increasing fertility. 

By consuming these foods your body may boost fertility and you may conceive a baby soon. But if you have any allergy or chronic disease then it is essential to consult with your doctor. Whereas if a couple is unable to conceive a baby for more than 6 to 8 months without using any birth control pills then they have to visit an IVF center for infertility treatment. As IVF treatment is expensive treatment and infertile couples may take the help of an affordable IVF Centre in India that is Urvara Fertility Centre to get financial assistance. This center will help you in many aspects too such as healthcare facilities and compassionate care. 

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