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The road to parenthood can have beautiful destinations with the right doctors. Our fertility center has a combination of medical accuracy, empathy, and the ability to resolve infertility issues in a proper way. 

    Your IVF Journey Is Safe In Our Hand Our Abilities Is Creating Your Family

    From highly skilled doctors to the best healthcare services, we are here to complete your dream of parenthood. Remember, conceiving a baby may be challenging, but with our support and guidance, this phase can become smoother. Our proudest moments are a number of success stories we’ve helped in creating.

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    What are the unique features of Urvara Fertility Centre?

    Our experienced team of infertility specialists who have treated infertile couples from around the globe. Services of our advanced fertility center go beyond the treatment plan and give satisfaction to patients. Urvara Fertility Centre distinguishes itself through its commitment to achieving successful outcomes for patients and its dedication to excel in every infertility treatment.
    • With a proven track record of success in india and abroad, patients achieve their dream of parenthood.
    • Internationally trained Infertility specialists
    • Honored national and internal awards
    • Our clinic has a remarkable success rate of up to 70%.
    • We specialize in fertility treatments and use patients’ eggs and sperm.

    Our Unique Services and Facilities

    Best IVF Clinic in Ayodhya

    Choosing the right IVF centre can make a difference in your parenthood journey. We provide the most advanced treatments with a holistic approach. Urvara Fertility Centre has a team of IVF doctors in Ayodhya who are committed to providing the best care to each patient. Every patient has unique requirements and we fulfil those requirements with personalised healthcare.

    Compassionate Care 

    With an effective treatment plan, our centre provides the right services with compassionate care. A highly dedicated team of doctors track the medical issues of infertile couples and provides them with the right treatment plan accordingly. 

    Use of Innovative Technologies 

    We use innovative approaches and technologies during the treatments. IVF, IUI, and TESA are performed in well-structured laboratories under specific conditions. Incorporating advancement in our treatments improves success rates and enhances the overall experience of our patients. Our centre is much inclined towards painless deliveries and provides high-quality medical care which makes us the Best IVF Centre in Ayodhya. 

    We also provide comfortable space for rest and recovery during the treatment to each patient. This improves the experience of our patients. Not only this but we also follow the right healthcare practices to maintain hygiene in our centre. 

    Dedicated Healthcare Team 

    Urvara Fertility Centre provides the best services as well as a dedicated healthcare team making the parenthood journey easier for each infertile couple. Our centre is also known for the affordable IVF treatment in Ayodhya with proper facilities. With highly trained staff the initial and final treatment of the fertility journey becomes more smoother. 

    Financial Support 

    IVF treatment is considered one of the most expensive treatments and Urvara Fertility Centre makes sure that you get the right treatment with financial help. Healthcare staff discuss with patients about the treatment cost and best offers which can be provided during the treatment. This also includes other expenses, medications, and treatment costs. Financial assistance to each patient ensures a low-cost IVF treatment in Ayodhya which creates a stress-free scenario for them. 

    We take pride in our success rates in helping several infertile couples. For maximising the chance of success we make sure to give our best during the treatment of each patient. We follow ethics and every standard to support you during the parenthood journey. Highly experienced IVF doctors in Ayodhya can fulfil the needs of patients with an individualised approach and advanced treatment techniques. 

    Our doctors have a patient-centric approach and are dedicated to helping them achieve their dream of parenthood. With a commitment to provide the best facilities and healthcare services, we understand the significance of completing the dream of being parents. 

    Recognition & Awards

    Your Hope is Our Creation Your Parenthood Journey Starts With Us

    IVF is a bridge to your heart’s desire and with our advanced services, your desire can be fulfilled. We provide the best infertility treatments to each infertile couple and maintain proper hygiene during the whole procedure. 

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      Exceptional professionalism and providing the best treatment with an approach to resolve each medical issue.
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      Highly experienced doctors at our centre develop a plan as per the needs of the patient.
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      Ethical practice
      Our doctors follow the highest standards and ethical values with advanced treatment plans.
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    Testimonials from Our Patients and Their Families. Stories of IVF Success at Urvara Fertility

    Many Infertile couples are able to fulfil their parenthood dream because of the Urvara Fertility IVF Centre. Couples shared their reviews for the hospital services and facilities they have got during the treatment. We have received numerous positive responses through thank-you cards and feedback sheets.

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    Meet Our Providers Our Experts

    We have a team of top fertility specialist in Ayodhya who individually holds the experience of each treatment. We support each infertile couple by guiding and providing them right healthcare facilities and personalized treatment plans.

    Dr. Richa Singh

    Founder & Director of Urvara Fertility Centre

    Dr. Mahendra Singh

    Medical Director

    Dr. Praveen Panday

    Senior Andrologist and Urologist

    Dr. Amar Nath

    Senior Embryologist

    Dr. Richa Singh

    Founder & Director of Urvara Fertility Centre

    Dr. Mahendra Singh

    Medical Director

    Dr. Praveen Panday

    Senior Andrologist and Urologist

    Dr. Amar Nath

    Senior Embryologist

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    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of IVF treatment depends on the services provided by the clinic. A single cycle of IVF may range from INR 85,000 to INR 2,50,000 or more.

    Urvara Fertility Centre has the highest success rate in Ayodhya. This centre provides a wide range of advanced treatment plans for infertile couples. 

    Yes, Urvara Fertility Centre offers many treatments for male infertility. TESA, PESA, and other advanced procedures are offered by this centre.

    Dr. Richa Singh is the best IVF doctor in Ayodhya. She is highly experienced in this field and provides full support and guidance to each patient.

    The quickest way to get in contact is to telephone +91 8090481533